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Quickly becoming known as one of America’s premier hunting destination, Recordbuck Ranch’s 20,000 acres of mountains and brushy plains is home to a true hunting experience of over 50 species of native and non-native species of game. Intensively managed to preserve our hunting heritage, threatened species from around the world, and Texas’ fragile Hill Country, the ranch has become an annual trek for everyone from the hunting enthusiast, corporate group, or the traditional hunting family and friends. Premier trophy animals from the 200+” Whitetail to the 45” Oryx from Africa roam vast areas of the prettiest land you will see in Texas. Plan a visit and experience intense sunsets across the mountains, starry nights, hunting stories in front of the fire on a frosty night, a symphony of elk bugles in the early fall or axis bellows in the summer, the clash of whitetail antlers in the rut while still enjoying the luxuries of gourmet meals in a first class lodge. You will have a few days to forget your worries and stresses of everyday life.


Completed in 2009, the new lodge includes a state of the art kitchen which serves gourmet food morning, day, and night. With a total of 17 rooms accommodating groups of over 30 people at a time, few ranches can play host to everyone from the hunting enthusiast, hunting family, or corporate group. The bar is always open and scattered throughout you can always find something to snack on. Whether in front of the fire, relaxing in the game room, or lounging under the Texas sky in the new hot tub, you can find your own spot to unwind and re- visit the day’s hunt in this sprawling facility. Wireless internet is available though we hope the only thing you need to use it for is to forward photos of the day’s trophies.

Rooms are very well appointed with privacy and comfort in mind. Most have two queen sized beds and of course, private bathrooms. Also, there is always a friendly staff available to make sure you have everything you need.

The food is simply amazing. The ranch chef pulls from a variety of menus to provide a unique blend of the gourmet and ranch fare. Portions are generous but you can always ask for more. Dieting will be up to you. We are always accommodating to special diets or allergies. Just let us know.

Thanks again for a great hunt. But most of all was the at home feeling you all gave us. We will be back. And a big pat on the back for my guide neivel. not olny was I happy but I feel as if I made a new friend. It was not olny the hunting but the cooking and the down home feel. God bless y'all Merry Xmas. Harry Mike Crige

"I can only thank you for what can be dscribed as the most exciting and memorable hunting trip ever, for myself, family and friends." Frank DeSomma

Our trip to Record Buck Ranch was by far the best vacation my wife and I have ever been on. From the great staff to the outstanding meals, Record Buck Ranch is a top notch outfit. Cricket, our eagle eyed guide, put on some of the best trophy animals I have ever seen. We can’t say enough about how much fun we had, and we are currently planning our next trip back for some more. Morgan & Mary Lodge

would like to take a moment to tell you how impressed I was with my hunt at Record Buck. From top to bottom I cannot say enough about it. First of all the facility's were by far the best I have bean to and My Guide Cody worked hard to get me a great trophy and made sure I was Happy every second. The Cook was by far better than any five star restaurant chief and I am not talking about one good meal they were all great! It was just unbelievable. I plan to come back next year for sure.
Thank you, Steve Prain

To Everyone: Raul, Cody, Ryan and Tony.
”Brad and I wanted to express our deepest gratitude for a job well done on our recent hunt. The facility at Recordbuck Ranch is absolutely beautiful and so extremely first class we were amazed. The guiding and knowledge that Cody provided was astounding and very rewarding, Brad was thrilled with his trophy Black Buck and Texas Dall Sheep. As for myself, as a non hunter, I was so relaxed and consider the whole experience a vacation of great magnitude. Brad and I have recommended Recordbuck Ranch to everyone since arriving home. I even sent a mass email to everyone I knew telling them of our wonderful experience and sent plenty of pictures. Thank you again for the great experience.”
Julie and Brad Buffington

“Best hunt I’ve had in Texas, by far.”
Bob DeWitt, Bloomfield, Michigan

“Great hunt, great crew, careful considerations. I’ll be back.”
Jim Coleman, Naples, Florida

“I’ve been on almost all of the big ranches in Texas. Record Buck has the best terrain and all around hunting.”
Jim Frickert, Orlando, Florida

“I own property in Texas and Colorado. I’ve been a hunting guide almost all of my life. Recordbuck has the potential to soon be the best ranch in Texas. They try hard and have great country and facilities.”
Alan Baier, Collbram, Colorado

"Our family always love our time spent at the RecordBuck Ranch. We are looking forward to another year of great times, great company & especially great hunts. We especially want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to experience the unbelievable atmosphere of the RecordBuck Ranch."
Chris Schultea, Houston, Texas

RecordBuck..."The best place in Texas to hunt, period."
Sid Hawlik, Wake Forest, North Carolina



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Recordbuck Ranch has the unique advantage of providing true South Texas quality hunting in the shadow of the Live Oak Motts and mountains of the Texas Hill Country. About half of the ranch is set in the brush country which provides superior protein rich browse that produced so many South Texas Boone and Crockett deer. To further improve the deer and land, Recordbuck has a management program which includes improving genetics with the addition of South Texas bloodlines emphasizing maximum tine length, beam length, antler mass, and typical frames. Nutritionally, the ranch has some 600 acres in food plots and maintains a year around supplemental feed program to help produce overall deer health for maximum body condition, fawn production, and rack size. In 2009, Recordbuck Ranch harvested the #1 SCI Whitetail at over 200 inches. Hunters bring in several 200”+ deer each year and with the management practices already in place, expectations are for growth is expected in both number and quality of deer in the years to come.


Texas has long been home to species from around the world. Many such as the Blackbuck Antelope and Scimitar Horned Oryx are more numerous and safer here than in their home lands. With more than 50 species of non-native game, the Recordbuck Ranch is a haven both to the hunter and stability of these species. The ranch is unique in that the mountains to the north and west are perfect habitats for species such as Aoudad, Sheep, Elk and Ibex. To the south and east, plains and brush mimic the habitat of everything from Eland, Impala, and Oryx to the once plentiful Bison which has re-established itself where it was once hunted by the Native American. Particular attention to genetics, purity, habitat, and nutrition combine to make this a hunter’s mecca. With over 25% of animals scored being gold medal in Safari Club’s Recordbuck. The efforts are paying off.